Allton has a flexible equipment configuration allowing mobilization on a number of different offshore vessels. As the equipment is not permanently installed on a vessel does it allow for scalable operations based demand. The asset light model allows for rapid changes in the overhead costs to follow the demand while maintaining the highest standard of deliverables. ​The equipment can also be shipped by sea fright and mobilized locally at any suitable harbor.

Allton have the full attention to HSE employing the highest standards for our personnel’s health, safety and along with respect for the environment though our ISO certified reporting system embedded in all steps of the operation.

Allton keeps a permanent core of professionals at all time. The core teams are strengthened when required by competent and experienced consultants. ​This way the crew base is kept flexible and adaptable while key equipment and operational experience is kept in house-

Allton use a vessel of opportunity executing operations. Based on a certain set of minimum requirements will the vessel market be search for the best deal for client and Allton. There is a number of qualified vessel globally allowing for mobilization of the equipment.

When not in use us the equipment stored and maintained at a suitable warehouse ready for the next project at all times.