Allton has a flexible equipment configuration allowing mobilization on a number of different offshore vessels. As the equipment is not permanently installed on a vessel does it allow for scalable operations based demand. The asset light model allows for rapid changes in the overhead costs to follow the demand while maintaining the highest standard of deliverables. ​The equipment can also be shipped by sea fright and mobilized locally at any suitable harbor.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is the primary consideration guiding our operations. The Allton Operating Management System (OMS) provides the basis for quality, health, safety, security, environmental and operations management. Sustainability and impact minimization are the underlying principles of our management system.   

Allton deploys a modular acquisition equipment configuration which allows mobilization on any large DP2 class offshore supply vessel.   As the acquisition equipment is not permanently installed on a vessel, this asset light model allows for scalable operations mobilizing out of Norway using a Norwegian flagged vessel or utilizing a local vessel of opportunity in the area of operations.   With this modular acquisition equipment configuration, Allton has the flexibility to offer the highest standard of deliverables all over the globe. ​The equipment can be shipped by sea freight and mobilized at any suitable harbor. If not deployed, Allton equipment is always securely stored and maintained at our warehouse ready for the next project.

The permanent core of Allton professionals is always available to deliver a specifically designed acquisition program to solve a client’s geologic challenges.