Allton have now implemented new higher accuracy CSEM software in the G&G workflow offered to clients

Allton`s software development team have done a tremendous job developing new CSEM software in record time now available for client work.

“We are very satisfied with the new software that supports the most common CSEM formats and cannot wait to offer this for reprocessing of vintage and new CSEM data”, Says CTO Dr Svein Ellingsrud


Norwegian Research Counsel has awarded the Groupe of Allton, SINTEF and Total Energies grants to evaluate the used of Controlled Source ElectroMagnetic monitoring of CO2 storage sites.

The project will assess the value of CSEM for monitoring of CO2 storage sites on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

“The awards of this project by NRC in cooperation with Total Energies and SINTEF is a major milestone for Allton in developing a cost-effective and reliable CSEM monitoring solution for CO2 storage sites”, Says Global Sales & Marketing Director in Allton Aslak Myklebostad


Increased Security with CSEM data for CO2 storage and monitoring

Allton with Kjetil Eide presented «Increased Security with CSEM data for CO2 storage and monitoring” at the Norwegian Energy Symposium: H2 & CCS Solution Technology.
The presentation can be found following the YouTube Link @ 2h:30min into the video.


We are proud to announce that Dr Anna Avdeeva has joined Allton as a Senior Scientist and key member of the Software Development Team.

Anna brings to the company a strong experience in inversion of electromagnetic data and software development. Anna holds a PhD in Geophysics, National University of Ireland and an MSc. (Hons) in Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

We are very pleased that Anna chose to work for Allton and be part of the software development team led by Rune Mittet working on the latest technology development within CSEM inversion”; Says CTO in Allton Dr Svein Ellingsrud”


Allton has secured a CSEM reprocessing contract by Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

“We are very pleased with the CSEM reprocessing contract award by NPD. Our team will utilized the latest proprietary software developments to further enhance vintage CSEM data and deliver superior quality”. Says Sales & Marketing Director in Allton, Aslak Myklebostad.

Lundin Energy - Research & Development agreement

Allton has entered into a research and development agreement with Lundin Energy were Phase 1 is to develop new and accurate marine CSEM inversion and modelling software.
We are very pleased to receive financial and technical support from Lundin Energy during these challenging times. Lundin Energy`s support and CSEM knowledge will be very valuable during this software development phase.

First Break article: Introduction to CSEM. Kjetil Eide and Steve Carter present the latest developments in Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic

Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) is the collective term for techniques that can be used to investigate the geological subsurface using electromagnetic signals gener­ ated by artificial and controllable source systems operated in a marine setting.

Use of vertical CSEM Method in prospect
de-risking. A Dry well Case Story – the Grind Prospect

Allton in cooperation with Concedo presented a Dry well Case story at the Second EAGE Marine Acquisition Workshop in Oslo.

Triumph for EM technology

Based on analysis of EM data, Concedo bravely predicted that the Grind well would be dry or, at best, a small discovery. This is now fully confirmed, which is a true victory for the use of EM.

Vil EM bestå testen?

EM-data tyder på en tørr brønn for den kommende boringen av Grind-prospektet i Norskehavet.

Innertier for EM-teknologien

Basert på analyse av EM-data gikk Concedo modig ut og spådde at Grind-brønnen ville være tørr eller eventuelt et lite funn. Nå er dette fullt ut bekreftet, noe som også er en seier for bruk av EM.