CO₂ Measurement, Monitoring and Verification

A secure and reliable Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) scheme is required to store CO2 safely. Stored CO2 has an electrical resistivity that is saturation dependent, and will differ significantly from surrounding water-filled formations. Using seismic only for monitoring would be difficult as seismic p-wave velocity is almost insensitive to increased levels of CO2 in a formation.

Our measured fields are highly sensitive to changes in electrical resistivity, making it ideal for detecting both change in volume and lateral expansion. Our capabilities of 4D-reservoir monitoring can effectively be used in reverse for MMV of CO₂

In addition to having the best method on the market for detecting the resistivity changes compared to seismic and gravity, Allton can accurately position both receivers and sources in the exact same positions from survey to survey to ensure comparable datasets with minimal uncertainty to the acquisition repeatability. The repeatability and sensitivity of our method makes it the best way to ensure a safe MMV of CO₂.